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After fully integrating Nearpod and Canvas, what's next?

In a new age where distance and virtual learning are at the forefront in schools and districts, 

Conferencing tools are a must for student engagement. Luckily, there is a "BigBlueButton

available for use that will help keep students and teachers connected when using the integrated

Nearpod and Canvas applications.


We will show you how with the steps below.





1. Select "Conferences" located in the side of your Canvas page under "Quizzes" and "Modules

followed by clicking "+Conference" to add a new conference.



2. Type in the name of the conference under the "Name" tab, select "BigBlueButton". 

Update minutes under "Duration", enable/disable check boxes for "Options", "Description" and

"Members" to your preference. Followed by selecting "Update".

This will open the "BigBlueButton" application.



3. Select "Microphone" Icon, as this will allow you to lead the conference as a presenter. 

Students can also select this option, to verbally participate, or select "Listen only" to listen to you, 

the teacher, and presenter. 



4. You will be prompted to connect to an "echo test" which you will confirm if you hear audio.




If you can hear your audio, select the "Yes" thumbs up. 

If you cannot, select the "No" thumbs down icon. 



5. Optional - You can choose to share your screen, or turn on your webcam by selecting the video camera icon for "WEBCAMS"



You can also select computer icon to "SCREEN SHARING



6. You can then provide students with the Nearpod CODE, or provide the link to the lesson in the

"Public Chat" field. 



You did it! You're now sharing your Nearpod lesson, virtually thanks to BigBlueButton, and the

Nearpod integration with Canvas.

Like... Seriously what can't you do?!


If you have any further questions, please check out our Nearpod FAQs page,

email us at send us a chat, or give us a call!



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