Canvas - External Tool

Now that you have added a Nearpod app to Canvas, logged into Nearpod through Canvas,

added an assignment in Canvas, now you can add Nearpod as an External Tool to an assignment in Canvas.



This is a great tool to have, because this helps set up your account to allow Nearpod lessons to be integrated to your Canvas assignment without the need of Class Codes. 


Students  can just access the Nearpod lesson from Canvas and complete the assignment.

Here are some steps on how to make that happen.


1. Open an assignment by clicking on the assignment underneath the "Assignments" tab



2. Click "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner



3. Optional: Fill or edit in the "Points" box with the lesson value, as well as update the

"Assignment Group" and "Display Grade as" .

There is also a "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade



4. Find and click the "Submission Type" dropdown menu and select "External Tool"



5. Click "Find" to the right of the "Tool URL" bar.



6. Scroll down to find and click "Nearpod" and then "Select".



7. In your Nearpod library, find a lesson and select "Live Participation + Zoom" (available if your

school / district subscription enabled this feature) "Live Participation" or "Student-Paced".


8. Click "Select"



9. Click "Save" to add the lesson as your assignment, or, click "Save and Publish" to save the lesson

and push it out to your students.


You've added a Nearpod as an External Tool! The teacher is very close to surpassing the FAQs


If you have any further questions, please check out our Nearpod FAQs page,

email us at send us a chat, or give us a call!


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