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For many teachers, being able to provide assignments in one program could help decrease worry.

This is why Schoology is a tool used for schools and districts to connect with programs like Nearpod.

We are here to help with your Schoology integration needs. We have provided steps below on how to integrate Nearpod lessons with Schoology.





1. Click on the "Nearpod" located on the left side tab.

You will have access to your Nearpod site (if you haven't signed into your Nearpod account already, you will be prompted to do so).



2. Sign in to your Nearpod account (If you have already done this previously, you will not be prompted to do so).



3. Select the lesson of your choice in your library



4. After selecting the lesson, click "Live Participation + Zoom" (only applicable if this feature is included in your school/district wide paid subscription), "Live Participation" or "Student-Paced". 


5. Share your Nearpod CODE with your students.



6. You can also add Nearpod to your Schoology account as a course material. You can do so by selecting "Materials" in the top left-hand corner under the "Course Options" side tab. 



7. Click on "Add Materials", followed by clicking "Nearpod"



8.  Select the Nearpod lesson of your choice, click "Live Participation + Zoom" (only applicable if this feature is included in your school / district-wide paid subscription), "Live Participation" or  "Student-Paced" to launch your lesson. 



9. The Nearpod lesson will populate under the "Materials tab" in Schoology.  


You're all set! For a more in-depth look at how to integrate Nearpod with Schoology, check out this video to learn more! For information on how to add Nearpod as an External Tool Link, click here.


If you have any further questions, please check out our Nearpod FAQs page, email us at send us a chat, or give us a call!

Have a suggestion? Click here to tell us how to make Nearpod even better.
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