View and track usage as a District Administrator

District administrators can access overview data of Nearpod teacher usage. Additionally, district administrators can also access Post-session reports from any teacher's lesson within the district. Usage data provides a district administrator with a deeper level of access to Nearpod and teacher usage beyond reports.

With usage data, district administrators can check teacher usage reports to understand how to increase teacher usage and adoption of Nearpod.


The “view usage” section of the admin dashboard, on the grey left toolbar, will allow you to view teacher usage.  In this article, we'll explore what's available in the Usage Graphs and Usage Statistics sections of your administrator portal.


Usage Graphs

Usage Graphs provide you with a high-level overview of teacher usage. You can filter your usage view by teachers within any given school, by months of usage and by the following: 

Teacher Scoreboard: A ranking of teachers based on how many Nearpod sessions they have launched in the selected time period.


Sessions Launched: The number of Nearpod sessions launched in the selected time period.


Student Joins: The number of Nearpod sessions launched in the selected time period.


Active Teachers: The number of teachers who have launched Nearpod sessions in the selected time period.


Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics provide you with a deeper level of access to teacher usage. You are able to filter by teacher name or school name, time frame, and Active / Inactive teachers. 

This usage view allows you to see the number of sessions launched and the number of student joins by individual teachers across each month.


Note: You can filter by “Inactive” teacher and click on the “Download” button on the top right to download a list of teachers that have not yet used Nearpod in an effort to offer support.We recommend connecting with your Nearpod Customer Success Manager for support with ensuring every teacher is empowered to use their Nearpod account to the fullest!


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Post-Session Reports

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