How to use a Content Slide in a Nearpod lesson

You can share academic content information with students using Nearpod Slides by including text, shapes, images, and GIFs.  You can change the layout, add text, add shapes, add images and/ background images, add gifs and insert audio of your own voice or enable with immersive reader and preview before sharing. Students will be able to access different elements simultaneously for a multi-dimensional learning experience.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Teach with a Content Slide 
  • Add a Content Slide into your lesson

Teach with a Content Slide

When students reach a Slide in a lesson, they will see text, images, and/or GIFS displayed. 

  • Text can be read aloud with Microsoft Immersive Reader
  • Audio can be played as an additional support resource
  • Information with a variety of media options can be shared

Add a Content Slide into your lesson

1. While editing your lesson, select Add Content & Activities 


2. Choose "Blank Slide" from the Content tab


3.  Customize the slide theme with text, shapes, images, audio, and/or GIFs.

  • Add text, shapes, images, or GIFs to the slide.
  • Select from six different layouts (or create your own layout by adding images, shapes, and/ or a text box(s) to a blank layout).
  • Add hyperlinks with the text editor, math equations, customize font, color, and more!


All text on Slides will be compatible with Microsoft Immersive Reader. To learn more click this article.

4.  Add your own voice to any slide.

1. Select the Audio Icon on the top menu bar

2. Select Record Audio

3. Click on the red microphone icon at the bottom and record your voice

4. Click the pause button to stop, playback if desired, and click save (or click the trashcan to delete). 







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