Use Web Content in a Nearpod lesson

Connecting students to any website on the internet opens up endless possibilities to share information with students in a Nearpod lesson. Provide access to web based articles, link to other apps, or share information from your Google or OneDrive with students. Anything with a URL will work!

By sharing a web-link through Nearpod, you can seamlessly combine online resources with Nearpod's media and formative assessments, as well as your own slides.


In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Teach with Web Content
  • Add Web Content into your Nearpod lesson

Teach with Web Content

When students reach Web Content  in a Nearpod lesson, the exact URL will open and they can navigate the site independently.  When the teacher is ready to advance to the next slide, the devices will sync together and student will continue in the Nearpod lesson.

Add Web Content into your Nearpod lesson:

1. In your Nearpod lesson, select Add Slide


2. Choose "Web Content" from the Interactive section.


3. Add the website URL in the grey box. You can test the link if you'd like. Then, select Save.








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