Single Sign On and Rostering with Nearpod

Single Sign On with Nearpod:

SSO (Single Sign-On) options provide a way for a user to log in to their Nearpod account without needing to enter their Nearpod username/password. Just click the button and sign in! The following SSO options are available with Nearpod:

SSO within
  • Google SSO
  • 365 SSO
SSO within
  • Clever SSO (Nearpod must be installed by the District Administrator or the user themselves within Clever)
SSO within
  • Classlink SSO (Nearpod must be installed by the District Administrator within Classlink)


Rostering Options with Nearpod:

Rostering options provide administrators with a way to update their Nearpod roster in bulk. 

CSV Upload

  • Can be done by any admin or Nearpod representative by using the Bulk Upload tool
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about CSV upload options

Classlink OneRoster

  • Automated roster sync with Classlink is available for district-wide customers only. To set up this option with Nearpod, the Classlink admin send the following information to their Nearpod Customer Success Manager 
    • Approve Nearpod as a vendor within District Classlink
    • Share Data with Nearpod: 
      • Organizations
      • Teachers
      • Administrators

Student SSO

Students do not have accounts in Nearpod but can join lessons via Single Sign On verification through Office 365 or Google!

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