Single Sign On and Rostering with Nearpod

Single Sign On with Nearpod:

SSO (Single Sign-On) options provide a way for a user to log in to their Nearpod account without needing to enter their Nearpod username/password. Just click the button and sign in! The following SSO options are available with Nearpod:

SSO within
  • Google SSO
  • 365 SSO
SSO within
  • Clever SSO (Nearpod must be installed by the District Administrator or the user themselves within Clever)
SSO within
  • Classlink SSO (Nearpod must be installed by the District Administrator within Classlink)


Rostering Options with Nearpod:

Rostering options provide administrators with a way to update their Nearpod roster in bulk. 

CSV Upload

  • Can be done by any admin or Nearpod representative by using the Bulk Upload tool

SFTP Upload

  • An automated, secure version of CSV Upload. SFTP sites must be set up and configured in advance. Contact your Nearpod Customer Success Manager for more information.

Classlink OneRoster

  • Automated roster sync with Classlink is available for district-wide customers only. To set up this option with Nearpod, the Classlink admin send the following information to their Nearpod Customer Success Manager 
    • Approve Nearpod as a vendor within District Classlink
    • Share Data with Nearpod: 
      • Organizations
      • Teachers
      • Administrators
    • Provide Nearpod Customer Success Manager with the following Information: 
      • Client Endpoint
      • Client ID
      • Client Secret
      • A list of schools to be synced
      • The approximate number of users for each school

Student SSO

Students do not have accounts in Nearpod but can join lessons via Single Sign On verification through Office 365 or Google!

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