How to view progress in a Student-Paced Lesson

As your students complete a Student-Paced Nearpod lesson, you may want to check in on their progress. After any lesson, you can view student responses in Reports, but the Teacher View of a lesson will give you the ability to monitor student progress in real time, even when students are working asynchronously. Note that you can also view student progress in Live Participation mode.

Here's how

1. Once you've launched a lesson and shared with your students, hover over the lesson you'd like to view progress for, and click "Student-Paced"


2. Choose the lesson code you'd like to view progress for, then select "View Progress"


3. The first page you will see will be a list of students who have joined your lesson


4. Use the blue arrows or the bottom navigation to move through the lesson and review student responses on each activity.


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