How to use Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trip in a Nearpod lesson

Nearpod's VR field trips allow you to take your students anywhere in the world, without leaving their seat. Nearpod has a library of hundreds of thousands of VR images that you can add to your lesson. Best of all, students don't need a headset to join a lesson. Nearpod VR works on any device.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Teach with Virtual Reality Field Trips

When your students reach a VR Field Trip during a lesson, they will be able to explore a 360 image of the location you've selected. Each student explores on their own device. They can zoom in and out, or rotate around the image to explore different angles.

  • If the student is using a desktop or laptop computer, they can use their mouse to navigate directions and zoom in and out 
  • If the student is using a tablet device, they can move the device to look up, down, and all around 

Add Virtual Reality Field Trips into your Nearpod lesson

1. While editing your lesson, select Add Slide 


2. Choose VR Field Trip from the Content tab


3.  Use the search to find the location you'd like your students to visit. Once you find an image, select it by clicking on it. You can preview the field trip, then select Done to add to your lesson.


Use Nearpod VR to build background knowledge, explore new places and engage students in new ways. 




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