How to use a Slideshow in a Nearpod lesson

With the slideshow feature, teachers can create a mini-slideshow within one slide of a lesson that is student-controlled. This is a great way to break up the way material is presented without students progressing forward through a lesson or to let students work at their own pace.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Teach with a Slideshow

When students reach a Slideshow in a Nearpod lesson, they will see a panel on the left with multiple slides. The student can scroll down and review each slide at their own pace.


The teacher will also see the slideshow in their Teacher View

Add a Slideshow into your Nearpod lesson

1. While editing your lesson, select Add Slide 


2. Choose Slideshow from the Content tab


3. To add slides to your slideshow, you can upload your own files, or search Google Images.


4. If you are searching with Google Images, select one or multiple images to upload and then, Save. 


5. If you've uploaded a file, you'll now see the slides that make up your slideshow. You can reorganize the slides in your slideshow by dragging. When you're finished creating the slideshow, click "Save"



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