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Nearpod allows teachers to create and deliver interactive slides, interactive videos, and gamification & activities to students while collecting data and insights into student understanding - all in one place. There are lots of ways to get started creating in Nearpod. In this article, you will learn how to build a Nearpod with interactive slides, formative assessments, dynamic media, gamification, and/or activities within the Nearpod platform.

In this article you will learn how to :

Create interactive slides within the Nearpod platform

1. From your Nearpod home Page also known as My Library page, click "Create", then select "Lesson". There are two buttons, both with have the same options and the same results. 

Create buttons.jpg

2. Select what you would like to do first. Add content or activities, add a quick Nearpod slide or upload your own files. 

what is first.jpg

3. To begin creating with a Nearpod slide, select the +slide button in the top left corner. 

    add a NP slide.jpg

4. Explore all the creative options available for creating interactive slides in Nearpod. Consider the layouts and themes, use the rich text editing options and add additional media to show your creativity. Your work will automatically save. When you finish your slide simply move to the next slide or activity in your lesson. Select Save & Exit at the top when you are completely finished and ready to launch your lesson. 

Make the slide.jpg

5. To upload your own files such as Google Slides, PowerPoint or PDF files. Select the Upload button in the top left corner. Then locate your file and upload to Nearpod. 

Upload a  slide.jpg  Upload options.jpg


Add Media and Activities to enhance the learning

Next, choose from a variety of Media and Activities to add before, after or between your content slides.  


1. From the lesson editing page, click the Add New button in the top left corner.

add activities.jpg

2. Choose from the available Media choices or the available Activity choices. 

For a complete list of Nearpod's  media types and formative assessments along with a how-to for each feature, view this article.



Title and tag your lesson. 

1. Once you are finished adding activities and media to your lesson, click on theLesson Details in the top left to name your lesson.  Title your lesson, add descriptive words, learning standards information, and select the  grade and subject. Adding this information is not required, however it will make it easier for you to find this lesson next year.  Press Save to save your lesson details.

add a title.jpg title details (1).jpg

4. After editing your lesson details and completing your lesson, click "Save & Exit" to save your lesson and return to My Library. Or click "Preview" to see what your lesson will look like from a student perspective. 


If you're looking for additional options to create a Nearpod lesson, check out these articles:





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