Support safe online behaviors and digital citizenship skills in Nearpod

Safe online behaviors and digital citizenship skills are an important part of using technology in the classroom. With Nearpod, there are multiple ways you can ensure students practice great digital citizenship skills. Below are some best practices to use with any Nearpod lesson, video, or activity. 

1. Validate student names in your Nearpod lessons using Google or Office 365 single sign-on (SSO)

With Student Name Validation, you can enable a feature that requires students to use their Google or Office 365 credentials to auto-populate their first and last names. This will work with their school-associated account or their personal account. Learn more about enabling this feature from your Lesson Settings here.


2. Manage the posts on the Collaborate Board to ensure appropriate conversations 

When teaching with Nearpod, you can leverage the Collaborate Board to have classroom discussions. When using the Collaborate Board we recommend:

  1. Deleting posts that you deem inappropriate when posted 
  2. Select the option to approve posts before they are posted by students
  3. Manage the ability to include the Collaborate Board in student-paced sessions 

3. Remove students from your session if they join with inappropriate names or disrupt the classroom environment 

You can access the student list from the bottom left of the screen when you are in a live session or from the student-paced progress dashboard to remove any students from your session. 



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