How to use BBC Worldwide Video in a Nearpod lesson

Nearpod's selection of BBC Worldwide Video are a great way to add high-quality video content to your Nearpod lesson. They cover science and social studies topics.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Teach with BBC Worldwide Video

When students reach a BBC Worldwide Video in a Nearpod lesson, they will select the play button to watch, or will watch on the teacher's projected device, depending on the option the teacher selects.


As the teacher, you will be able to choose how students view the video. During Student-Paced mode, all students will be able to play the video on their device. In Live-Participation mode, you can decide to either allow students to play the video on their device, or play the video on your device only (great for if you are projecting or sharing your screen).


Add BBC Worldwide Video into your Nearpod lesson

1. While editing your lesson, select Add Slide 


2. Choose BBC Worldwide Video from the Content tab


3. Use the categories to find the video you'd like to add. When you find a video, click on it to select. You can preview the video, and select Done to add it to your lesson.



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