Verify student names using Google or Office 365 SSO

When students join a lesson teachers will be able to see who is in the lesson based on the name that a student enters. Sometimes it is important to verify that information to ensure the names are accurate and appropriate.

Verifying student names in Nearpod allows you to require students to use their Google or Office 365 credentials to auto-populate their first and last name in a Nearpod lesson through single sign on (SSO). This will work with their school-associated account or their personal account.


With this feature, teachers feel more confident they know who is in their Nearpods, and are assured that all students will follow the same format for entering their name, making it easier to review post-session reports and insights. 

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Enable Google or Office 365 SSO

You enable this feature in their Lesson Settings.

  1. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner of your My Library page, then click on "Lesson Settings" 
  2. Once you're on the Lesson Settings page, use the toggle to turn on or off the "Autofill student names" feature
  3. Turning this feature on will require all students to validate their name before joining the lesson


Teach with single sign on

When the feature is enabled, students will still join your Nearpod lesson the same way they have before. 

When it's time to enter their name, students will see the screen below. They can then select either Google or Microsoft credentials to validate their name.


Students will verify their name after entering their credentials. As the teacher, you will see the first and last name that is associated with their Google or Microsoft account.



Frequently asked questions

What information do we store about students when they enter their Microsoft and Google credentials? How are we ensuring student privacy?

We only store the student’s first and last name, no other identifiable information.

What happens if I share my lesson through an LMS, Google Classroom, or Teams while this feature is enabled?

In this case, students will still validate their names through their Google or Microsoft credentials. This will override the autofill of an LMS. If the teacher wants to use the autofill from the LMS, they should not enable the feature.

I'm a district admin, can I turn this on for schools?

Yes, district admins have the ability to mass-enable this for schools in your district!

1. Click the manage district option on the left-hand side from "my library".

2. Choose the "Manage Schools" option on the left-hand side.

3. Under "school settings" choose the "edit" option next to the school you want to adjust this setting for.


4. Check off "Autofill Student Names".


5. Click Save.

* If you're not seeing this option please contact your Customer Success Manager. Please note this feature is only available for District Admins and is not yet available for School Admins. If you are a School Admin and want this feature turned on for all teachers please contact your Customer Success Manager.


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