How to use Flip in a Nearpod lesson

Flip allows students to record short videos and share them with their teacher and class. In order to use Flip within Nearpod, you'll need a Flip account. If you've never created a Flip account, you can create one here. This activity works only when using Nearpod in a web browser.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Teach with Flip in Nearpod

When students reach a Flip activity in a lesson, they will see the student-view of your Flip topic, and can interact with it as they normally would. This will work for students accessing Nearpod from a web browser.


On the teacher view, you will see the teacher dashboard for the Flip topic, and can monitor student responses just like you would within Flip.


Add a Flip activity to your lesson

To add a Flip to your Nearpod lesson, you'll need to first create the prompt within Flip. Use these resources to learn how to get started with Flip. Once you've created a topic, you can add it to your Nearpod lesson.

1. While editing your Nearpod lesson, select Add Slide 


2. Choose Flipgrid from the Activities tab


3. Insert the Topic URL and the Join Link URL into the respective fields. To access the Topic URL, click on the Topic of choice, and copy the link from the browser URL. To access the Join Link, click on “Share” and then grab the Join Link.



4.  Click "Add" to save your Flip activity into your Nearpod lesson. 



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