How to use a multiple-choice Quiz during a Nearpod lesson

With a Quiz, you can add multiple-choice questions to your Nearpod lesson. Quizzes are auto-graded, so you'll know right away what students understand, and you can share out the results with students in real-time.

Note: Quizzes in Nearpod have correct answers. If you'd like to create a multiple-choice question without correct answers, use our Poll feature. Learn how to make one here

In this article, you'll learn how to:


Teach with a multiple-choice Quiz activity  

When students reach a Quiz in a lesson, they will see the first question with the multiple choice answers.  They will choose one or multiple answers and submit their response. 

Students can:

  • Have text read aloud if Microsoft Immersive Reader is enabled
  • Access reference media if the teacher has added it
  • Proceed to the next question by selecting the blue arrow or Next
  • Submit the Quiz when complete


As the teacher, you can view progress in real-time for the entire class and share students' individual Quiz scores to their devices to provide immediate feedback. 

  • Correct answers will be in green and incorrect answers will be in red. 
  • To review the questions with correct answer click the corresponding number.


Add a Quiz into your lesson

1. While editing your lesson, select Add Slide 


2. Choose Quiz from the Activities tab


3. Type your question, and add up to 8 possible answer choices. Mark the correct response with a check on the left. You can select one or multiple answers as correct. You can use the Pi icon to add additional math symbols. You can also add reference media to support your question.

4. Add additional questions (max 25) to complete your quiz. You can rearrange the order of the questions by dragging and dropping them.


5. If you'd like, you can add a timer to your quiz.

 Convert a Quiz into Time to Climb

Did you know you can convert a quiz into a Time to Climb activity to gamify your lesson?

1.  Select a quiz slide in your lesson so that it is highlighted orange.

2.  Click Convert to Time To Climb on the top right corner.


3. Choose if you want to keep a copy of the original Quiz activity. Note that reference media and multiple correct answers will not transfer to the Time To Climb activity.




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