How to add Reference Media to a Nearpod activity or formative assessment

Reference Media is a Nearpod feature that allows teachers to add PDFs, web content, images, videos, or audio files to activities in Nearpod. Students access this media for reference when responding to a question or activity. Reference Media can be added to Open-Ended Questions, Drag & Drop, Draw It, Polls, Quizzes, Collaborate Boards, and Time to Climb.


With Reference Media teachers can:

  • Provide supports to scaffold and differentiate for student needs
  • Save time and replace anchor charts and other references students typically use in the classroom
  • Give media for students to respond to with links to articles, images, PDFs, or by sharing video and audio files

In this article, you'll learn:

Teach with Reference Media

When students see a question with Reference Media, it will appear in the corner of the activity. Students can enlarge or open the Reference Media by clicking on the image. They will use the X to exit the Reference Image and return to the activity.


Add Reference Media to an activity

1. While editing or creating an activity, click on the "Add media, video, or audio instructions" button and select the media type you'd like to add.

Media types may include: image, audio recorder, PDF viewer, video, audio or web content. 


2. Once you've selected the media type, you will be able to add the reference media that you chose. 

  • Images: You can either upload or search via a Google Safe Search
  • Audio Recorder: You can record your audio directly within the activity at this time
  • PDF Viewer: You are able to upload your PDF from your files or drive
  • Video: You can either upload or search YouTube directly
  • Audio: You can upload an audio file from your computer files or drive
  • Web Content: You can copy and paste any URL you want your students to see


3. Select "Save" to add the media to the activity. When you're finished editing the activity, click "Save"

Which Nearpod activities support Reference Media?

The following Nearpod activities support Reference Media:

  • Open-Ended Question
  • Draw It
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Drag & Drop
  • Collaborate Board
  • Time to Climb*

*Time to Climb support only Images as Reference Media

Note: You are only able to add one type of reference media per activity. 






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