How to add a quick activity "on the fly" while teaching a Live Participation Nearpod


Launch an activity quickly during a Live Participation Nearpod. Teachers can use the "+ Add Activity" or "on the fly" feature to share a Slide, Web Content, Open-Ended Questions, Draw It, or True/False questions, in response to student understanding anytime during a live lesson. When used, these activities are shared directly with student devices. 

Respond to student interest, discussions, or guide instruction in the moment during a Live Participation Nearpod. With on the fly activities teachers can:

  • Address misconceptions or provide additional skill practice
  • Adjust instruction based on real-time insights from student understanding
  • Facilitate student-led learning by guiding lessons based on student interest and responses

In this article, you'll learn

Which activities are available with the on the fly feature?

The following activities are available to add on the fly:

  • Slide: Create a slide to share with your students
  • Web Content: share a weblink to student devices
  • Open-Ended Question: Share a question, and students can respond with text or audio
  • Draw It: Students can draw, write, or add images to their response
  • True/False: Ask your students a true or false question

How to add an activity during your live lesson

When using Live Participation mode you can add activities "on the fly" to guide instruction and respond to student needs. Students work from the new activity is stored in the Nearpod Reports (for Open-Ended Questions and Draw It activities).

Here's how:

1. During your lesson, select "+Add Activity" in the top right corner and choose the activity you'd like to add.


2. Type your instructions or question to create your activity. When you're ready, click share to share the activity to your student's devices.



3. If the activity requires student responses, you will see their replies on the teacher dashboard. Click "close activity" on the bottom of the screen when you're ready to return to your lesson.




  • These activities will not be added or reflected in your lesson for future use
  • When you launch this lesson again, the on the fly activity or activities will not be saved for future classes
  • If you add an Open-Ended Question, Draw It or True/False activity on the fly, you will see these data points in your post-session reports.


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