How students use the Draw It activity

Nearpod's Draw It activity gives students many ways to demonstrate what they know. They can respond with drawing, text or images on top of whatever background the teacher uploads.

In this article, you'll learn how students can use the Draw It feature.

When students reach a Draw It in a Nearpod lesson, they will select the pencil, highlighter, text box, images, or eraser from the Draw It Toolbar on the bottom and respond to the question being asked. 

Here's how:

Students can use the bottom toolbar to:

  • Select an image or textbox with the cursor icon to make edits
  • Change the thickness of the pen and color
  • Highlight and draw directly over words and change the color
  • Create a text box on the screen to accommodate for students who respond best typing their answers or to annotate an image.
  • Upload an image from their computer or directly from Google Image Safe Search.
  • Correct a mistake


Students can also:

  • Use the blue arrow on top left to hide the question for better view of Draw-It Screen
  • Have text read aloud with Microsoft Immersive Reader if it is enabled
  • Access Reference Media if teacher has added it


While working on their drawing, students, can:

  • Move and resize text boxes with the plus symbol and blue dots
  • Import images from Google SafeSearch and personal files


When the task is complete, the student will click Submit.

As the teacher, you can view progress in real-time for the entire class:

  • A yellow banner will appear as students are in progress.
  • A green banner will appear as students submit the assignment as complete.
  • Student work can be previewed and shared out to all student devices



Are you a district admin?

As a school or district admin, you can disable student image search via Google Image Search for this feature for schools. If you are a district admin and want to turn it off district-wide please contact your Nearpod Customer Success Manager.

Directions to Disable

  1. Click on the manage district button on the left-hand navigation from "My Library".
  2. Click on the manage schools tab on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on edit next to the school where you want to manage this feature.
  4. Click the checkbox next to "Disable Student Image Search on Collab, DrawIt.
  5. Click "save".


* Note: this will disable the image search for both the Collaborate activity and DrawIt activity. Students will still be able to upload their own pictures from their device




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