How to add activities from Activity Banks into a Nearpod

Activity Banks or the Activity Library allows teachers to seamlessly add pre-made standards-aligned Time to Climb, Matching Pairs, Draw It, and Drag & Drop activities into a Nearpod. Nearpod's Activity Banks has 2,200+ pre-made activities to use for any K-12 subject or customize as needed.

With Nearpod's Activity Banks teachers can:

  • Use quick stand-alone activities to check for student understanding on the fly
  • Reduce lesson creation time by adding ready-to-use standards-aligned activities to any Nearpod
  • Add an activity for students to complete as an exit ticket, an assessment, independent practice of a new skill, or to wrap up a lesson with an engaging Time to Climb gamified quiz

Learn how to add these activities to your lessons in this article. 


1. Create a new Nearpod lesson or edit an existing lesson.

2. Click "Add Slide" and then "Activities".

3. Choose either Time to Climb, Matching Pairs or Draw It.


4. On the right-hand sidebar you will see an option to explore the activities given the activity chosen.


5. You can choose to search by keyword and/ or filter by subject and grade level.


6. Click on the activity you'd like and you'll see it automatically populate in the matching pairs create area.


7. You can customize the Activities to meet the needs of your students:

  • Time to Climb
    • Edit questions and answers
    • Edit the amount of time for each question
    • Add, change, or remove reference images
    • Add or remove questions
  • Draw It
    • Edit or remove the question directions
    • Add a timer
  • Matching Pairs
    • Edit or remove the question directions
    • Add a timer
  • Drag & Drop (Available with paid accounts)
    • Edit or remove the question directions
    • Add, change, or remove reference images
    • Add or remove items from the workspace

8. Once you are done, click "save" to add it to your lesson.


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