Use a whiteboard in a Nearpod


Teachers can launch a whiteboard during a Live Participation Nearpod at any time during the lesson, and students can see what the teacher is modeling on the whiteboard in real-time. 

With Nearpod's Whiteboard feature teachers can:

  • Address misconceptions on the fly while teaching any live lesson, video, or activity
  • Model skills, math problems, or anything else for students that syncs in real-time immediately to student devices

Note: this feature works during a Live Participation lesson.

Learn how this feature works in this article!


1. From your library, launch a lesson in Live Participation.

2. On the upper right-hand side of the Teacher View, click the "Open Whiteboard" button.


3. This will open up the whiteboard to be able to draw, highlight, or type. 

4. What you draw, highlight or type on the whiteboard will also show up on the student's screen in real time..


5. When you are done using the whiteboard, click the yellow "X" on the upper right-hand side to close out and you will resume your lesson. You can reopen the whiteboard at any time throughout your session. 

Note: Anything put on the whiteboard will be available throughout the session when reopened until it is deleted using the trashcan. Whiteboard drawings will not be available in a new session, or in student notes.



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