How to use Live Annotation in a Live Lesson


When facilitating a Live Nearpod lesson, teachers can annotate on content slides during the session. Students will then be able to see the annotations on their screen as well.

Note: this feature is for teachers with a Premium Plus school or district license. All teachers have access to open a Whiteboard during their lesson. Learn more about our license types here. This feature is not enabled for activities (ie: open-ended questions, matching pairs ) or content features (ie: virtual reality, PhET Simulations, video). 


Learn how this feature works in this article!


1. From your library, launch a lesson in Live Participation mode.

2. On any static slide that is available for Live Teacher Annotation, you'll see a pencil on the bottom right-hand side. Click on this to open the ability to annotate. 


3. Once you've turned on this feature, a yellow box will appear around the slide. On the bottom of the teacher screen, you will see the tools to annotate (similar to the Draw It activity). You can draw, highlight, or type over the slide. When you want to delete, click on the trash can. 


4. As you annotate on the slide, students will see your annotations in real-time on their devices. While using this feature, students will not have access to the immersive reader or slide audio until you exit out of the annotation. 


5. When you are finished annotating, you can click the yellow "X" on the top right-hand side of the slide. The annotations will disappear. When you want to open up annotation again on another slide, click on the pencil on the bottom right-hand side again.


Note: Annotations will not be available in a new session, or in student notes. This feature works when both teachers and students are using Nearpod in a web browser, during a Live Participation lesson. 

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