How to find Activities in Nearpod's Library

In Nearpod's library there are a variety of pre-made activities for Time to Climb, Matching Pairs, and Draw It activities that are ready to use with your students. 

Learn how to find them in Nearpod's library and add them to your library in this article.

1. From Nearpod's homepage or "My Library", choose the "Nearpod Library" option on the left-hand navigation (or click "Explore the Nearpod Library" underneath the "My Lessons" section). 

2. On the left-hand filter section you'll see an option that says "activities" under the search option. Click on the checkbox to search for activities.

3. You can search by keyword and/or filter down by standards, subjects, and grade levels.


4. Click on the activity you are interested in to preview the activity.

5. From here you can add it to your library to use with your students.


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