Math Formula Editor

In Slides, Quiz, Poll, Open-Ended Question, Math Manipulatives, Draw It, and Drag & Drop slides, teachers can add more complex formulae using Nearpod's math formula editor.

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How to use the Math Formula Editor

1.  When creating a lesson, you will see the option to use the Math Formula Editor under Slides, Draw It, and Drag & Drop when adding text, and in the instructions/questions on Quizzes, Polls, Open-Ended Questions, Math Manipulatives, Draw It, and Drag & Drop. Students can also use the Math Formula Editor when joining a lesson and completing a Draw It or Drag & Drop slide while adding text.

2.  Select the fx symbol on the right-hand side of the rich text editor to open up the "Nearpod Equation Editor."  The fx under Slides, Quiz questions, and Math Manipulatives can be located by selecting the ellipses (three dots) on the far right, and by choosing Advanced in the text formatting tool under Draw It and Drag & Drop.





3.  Under the Nearpod Equation Editor, you can adjust the font size, search the characters/symbols, arrows, scripts, and layouts by name, create tables and matrices, choose from a series of tabs to view options under those headings, or scroll through them all to see what is available.



4.  Begin to write your equation in the text box at the top of the Nearpod Equation Editor by typing (if applicable) and clicking on the provided options within the editor.  Once you have finished, select the blue Insert button to add the equation to the text within the slide. 



What is available within the Math Formula Editor




Script/Layouts Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_4.05.43_PM.png
Decorations Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_3.58.20_PM.png
Arrows Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_3.58.55_PM.png
Trig Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_3.59.40_PM.png
Matrices Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_4.01.03_PM.png
Calculus Screen_Shot_2023-01-26_at_4.02.36_PM.png

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