How to find out the IP address that a student accessed your Nearpod lesson from

In some instances, it may be necessary to find the IP address of a student who has joined your Nearpod lesson. This information can be found in the post-session reports. Knowing the IP is useful if you need to confirm which device was used to access a lesson, or the location of that device. 


Additionally, Nearpod offers a feature that requires students to validate their name through Google or Microsoft SSO. Turning on this feature can further ensure that each student enters their name properly during a Nearpod lesson. Learn how to turn on this feature here.


Here's how:

1. Using the left side toolbar in your My Lessons page, navigate to "Reports"



2. Select the lesson that you'd like to view the report for, then click on the report for the relevant session.



3. On the web view of the report, you will see the IP address listed below the student's name. The IP address will not be available in an exported PDF or CSV of the report.



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