Nearpod and Brightspace (D2L)

You can use Nearpod in your Brightspace (D2L) account when the LTI is installed.

Please note that the LTI functionality must be enabled at the administrative level before the LTI can be installed.

This article outlines the steps to install the Nearpod LTI to your Brightspace (D2L) account!

  1. Go to and click on "generate consumer key".
  2. Go to YourInstance/ and login to your account.
  3. Select the admin tools (gear icon).
  4. Select "External Learning Tools". 
  5. Select "settings".
  6. Optional: Update the org unit ID, title, and label for the Nearpod and then click save.
  7. Select "Manage Tool Provider" and enter your Nearpod URL into the Launch Point field.
  8. Using the LTI version dropdown, select 1.1.
  9. Using the OAuth Signature Method dropdown, select HMAC-SHA1.
  10. Enter your Nearpod Shared Secret (generated from the site) in the "Secret" field.
  11. Check the "use custom tool consumer information instead of default" box.
  12. Enter your Nearpod Consumer Key(generated from the site) into the "Key" field.
  13. Enter "Nearpod" into the "name" field.
  14. Check the "allow users to use this tool provide" box.
  15. Select "security settings" and check the following boxes:
    • Send tool consumer information to tool provider
    • Send context information to tool provide
    • Send user name to tool provider
    • Send user email to tool provider
    • Send system role to tool provider
    • Send link title to tool provider
    • Send link description to tool provider
  16. Click Save

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