Nearpod and Moodle

You can use Nearpod in your Moodle account when the LTI is installed.

This article outlines the steps to install the Nearpod LTI to your Moodle account!

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Generate consumer key".
  3. Go to YourInstance/ and log in. 
  4. Go to a course and enable editing.
  5. Select activity chooser and then select external tool.
  6. Enter a name and description.
  7. Enter your Nearpod URL in the URL field.
  8. Enter your Nearpod Consumer Key (generated from the site) into the Consumer Key field.
  9. Enter your Nearpod Shared Secret (generated from the site) into the Consumer Secret field.
  10. Specify the "Launch container".
  11. Select which services you want.
  12. Configure your privacy settings.
  13. Save.

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