LTI 1.1 Moodle


You can use Nearpod in your Moodle account when the LTI is installed.

This article outlines the steps to install the Nearpod LTI to your Moodle account!


Nearpod supports Moodle v4.0

Adding Nearpod to Moodle as an Admin 

1. Sign into Moodle as LMS Admin 

2. Select ‘Site Administration’ tab

3. Select ‘Plugins’ tab

4. Select ‘Manage Tools’ in the Activity modules section


5. Click on ‘configure a tool manually’.


6. Complete form with the following information

    Tool Settings

    1. Tool Name: Nearpod
    2. Tool URL:
    3. Tool Description: (as desired)
    4. LTI version: LTI 1.0/1.1
    5. Consumer key: (generate here)
    6. Shared secret: (generate here)
    7. Custom parameters: (leave blank)
    8. Tool configuration usage: recommend either ‘show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool’ or ‘show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool’ 
    9. Default launch container: recommend ‘Embed, without blocks’ 
    10. Supports Deep Linking (content Item Message): (leave unchecked)

Click “Show more”

    1. Icon URL: 
    2. Secure Icon URL: 

No changes should be made under the “Services” section. 

All other sections are as desired.


7. Select ‘Save Changes’


Adding Nearpod to Moodle Course as an Instructor

  1. *Ensure steps for the admin have been completed. 
  2. Sign into Moodle as an instructor
  3. Select the course where Nearpod should be added
  4. Turn on ‘Edit Mode’ on in Moodle
  5. Select ‘Add an activity or resourcemoodle_add_activity.jpg
  6. Click on ‘External Tool’ or find Nearpod in the list. moodle_select_activity.jpg
  7. Complete form and save
    • Activity Name: Nearpod
    • Preconfigured tool: Nearpod (Named by Admin)
      • All other general items not needed


Accessing Nearpod as a Student

  1. Sign into Moodle as student
  2. Select course from Moodle
  3. Launch Nearpod from a course topic



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