Adding Nearpod as an LTI to your Learning Management System

IMS Global LTI (Learn Tools Interoperability) is a framework used to integrate LMSs (learning management system) and EdTech applications.

LTI v1.1 allows Nearpod to be installed as an LTI tool within an LMS. Once set up instructors can place Nearpod content directly from their Nearpod Library into their course(s).

You can use these directions to add Nearpod as an LTI to Learning Management Systems that we don't have a custom integration for such as Moodle, Blackboard, and more!  

Setting up the Nearpod LTI

1. Ensure you have all of the necessary requirements:

  • URL (website)
  • Consumer Key (username)
  • Shared Secret (password)

2. Generate your Consumer Key and Shared Secret on the LMS Integrations page

3. Add Nearpod as an LTI tool through your LMS control panel. When adding Nearpod the URL, Key and Secret must be added as metadata.

Nearpod's Standard LTI integrations for LMSs like Blackboard, etc... can be customized using an XML configuration

4. Once the Nearpod LTI tool is set up, instructors will be required to link their LMS profile to their Nearpod account. To link your profile and account: 

  • Log in to your LMS
  • Select the Nearpod LTI tool
  • Log In to your Nearpod account

5. Now instructors will be able to add Nearpod to their courses! The LTI tool is available to instructors to place resource links within their courses. When students select a resource link, it launches the associated app within an iframe, new tab, or window. 

Custom Integrations

Nearpod has created customized LTI integrations for the following platforms. Click on your LMS to learn more!

Need additional assistance?

It would be best to contact the LMS administrator or the district technology team in your school/ district. 


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