How to enable Student Accounts for your school or district

Enabling Student Accounts for your school or district is easy. This article will show you how to get started, but in summary, there are two general steps: enabling the Student Accounts feature and rostering students into your school or district on Nearpod.

New to Student Accounts?  Check out Student Account Overview first! 

How to enable Student Accounts as a District or School admin

1. Click on "Manage Nearpod" from your Nearpod homepage from the left navigation bar.


2. Click on "Manage District" if you're a district admin or "Manage School" if you're a school admin on the left sidebar.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_12.04.46_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_12.05.01_PM.png

3. Underneath district or school settings click "edit".

4. This will bring up a variety of settings that you can turn on or off.


5. Click the toggle next to "Enable student accounts" to turn on Student Accounts for your school or district.  Note that disabling student accounts will immediately disable all student accounts in your school or district.


At this point, Student Accounts will be enabled for your school or district, but no students will be rostered. Keep reading for more information on how to roster students into your school or district on Nearpod.

How to roster students

With the Student Accounts feature enabled, you'll need to create or roster accounts for all your students within Nearpod.

If you are currently rostering teachers through Clever or Classlink, students will be automatically rostered within 24 hours of enabling the Student Accounts feature. (Please ensure you have shared student data within Clever or Classlink, or else student accounts can't be created).

If you are not rostering through Clever or Classlink, Nearpod can roster student accounts automatically based on the rules you define in the auto-rostering configuration. Proceed to the auto-rostering article for your next steps!

How students will access their Nearpod account

The Student Accounts feature keeps schools and districts in control of student credentials. Nearpod does not provide students with a username or password. Instead, students must log in to their account on Nearpod using their school or district-supplied credentials via single sign-on.

Nearpod supports the following single sign-on providers: Google, Microsoft, Clever, and Classlink.


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