Auto-rostering for Student Accounts in Nearpod

This article describes how to enable auto-rostering of student accounts. Please note that auto-rostering is not needed when your school or district uses Clever or Classlink for rostering.

Note: This feature is only available for Premium Plus school or district licenses and once the admin has enabled Student Accounts

What is auto-rostering

Auto-rostering is a feature that allows you to create Nearpod accounts for the students in your school or district automatically. Instead of rostering students all at once using an integration with Clever or Classlink, students are rostered automatically the first time they join a lesson from their teacher.

As a school or district admin, you remain in control of which accounts are eligible for auto-rostering by configuring your school or district to only auto-roster students that join lessons using their school or district-provided credentials.

Auto-rostering is initiated in the following scenarios after you have enabled student accounts and auto-rostering in the admin tool. Note that in all three scenarios, the student must join a lesson that is initiated by a teacher at their school or district.

  1. The student enters a teacher-provided lesson CODE on for the first time
  2. The student follows a direct lesson share link
  3. The student clicks "sign up" on, self-identifies as a student, and is prompted to enter a CODE

When the student joins the lesson (see the steps below), they will be prompted to sign in using their school or district credentials via Google, Microsoft, Clever or Classlink. Upon signing in, Nearpod checks to see if the student's school or district account is included in the list of email domains that are enabled for auto-rostering. If the student's email domain is enabled for auto-rostering, a student account will be created automatically under the school associated with the teacher who launched the lesson. If the student's email domain is not enabled, the student will access the lesson but no account will be created.

For example, if a school has auto-rostering enabled for, a student signing in using their account would be auto-rostered. A student signing in using a personal account such as a account would not be rostered.

How to turn on auto-rostering

1. Once you have enabled Student Accounts, you'll see additional options. If you would like to enable auto-rostering for students, toggle on this button.


2.. Below this toggle, enter any student email domains that your school or district uses for student credentials.

3. When you have added all the domains, click save to trigger these changes.

4. Following these changes, students will be auto-rostered when joining a lesson from their teacher using their school or district-supplied credentials.

How Student Accounts are created through auto-rostering

1. Once Student Accounts and auto-rostering are enabled by the admin, the teacher launches any lesson for your students.

2. Students can join the lesson via the code or the link.

3. After students enter the code or click on the link, they will be prompted to log in using their school email with either Google, Microsoft, Clever, or Classlink SSO. (Note: if they join the lesson as a guest, an account will not be created for them).


4. Once they log in, a pop-up will ask them to confirm that their name is correct. Once they confirm, they click "Yes, continue". If it is not the right account they can click "Go back".


5. They will then enter the lesson that you launched and their account has been created.

6. After their account is created, they can go to at any time and log in using either school or district-supplied credentials via Google, Microsoft, Clever, or Classlink. From here they will be able to access their account and create lessons, access their reports, etc... 

Note: Student accounts are created behind the scenes the first time the student and teacher follow these steps after student accounts have been enabled by the admin. After this, they will still join the lesson through their SSO for any lesson they join and will see the above steps.

Special Considerations

  • Students can only log into Nearpod using their school or district-supplied credentials.  Nearpod supports the following SSO providers: Google, Microsoft, Clever, and Classlink.
  • Nearpod remains committed to student privacy and will never market to students or sell student data.
  • Students are only able to be assigned to one school.

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