Student Accounts Overview

Student Accounts is an optional feature that you can enable for your school or district. Available as part of the Premium Plus license, student accounts provide valuable benefits to teachers and students at your school or district.

When student accounts are enabled, teachers and students have greater flexibility when using Nearpod. Students will enjoy seamless access to lessons using their account, including the ability to change devices, take breaks or finish lessons later without losing their progress or submissions.

In addition to a better lesson experience, students can share their knowledge by creating and delivering their own Nearpods. Using their student account, students can log into Nearpod to create lessons that feature all the interactivity teachers and students love. The student experience is limited to lesson creation and does not include the lesson library, so you don't need to worry about students accessing their teacher lessons or any included answers.

Student Accounts is an optional feature that is disabled by default. If you choose to enable Student Accounts, all student account information and submissions will be contained within your school or district account and are fully managed by your school or district administrator. Students will access their account using their school or district-supplied credentials via single sign on (SSO), so you'll be in control of their access at all times.

Enabling and disabling Student Accounts is easy!  See the articles below for more information on how to get started.

Looking for articles to support students in using their new student accounts?

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