Use Live to Student-Paced mode

Teachers can easily switch between synchronous and asynchronous teaching modes within a single Nearpod lesson, video, or activity. Teachers select a group of slides or activities from within their Nearpod for Student-Paced work and can revert back to Live Participation anytime. 


With Live to Student-Paced mode teachers can:

  • Differentiate for student needs with greater flexibility delivering live lessons
  • Toggle between Live Participation and Student-Paced to address misconceptions
  • Let students who are ready for the next step move forward in the lesson while working with those who need more support

In this article, we will look at Live to Student-Paced lessons for both teachers and students.

Note: This feature is available for Premium Plus licenses

Live to Student-Paced teacher experience

1. First, launch a Live lesson from your Nearpod account.

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2. Students can join the lesson and the teacher can move the class through the slides that they want to use in Live lesson mode.

3. When you are ready to switch from Live to Student-paced mode, click on “Student-Paced Off” in the bottom right corner of the teacher dashboard.

4. A pop-up window will appear in the bottom corner when you can select which slides to all for Student-Paced. Turning on Student-Paced will always start on the slide the teacher is on. The student is not able to move to any slide prior to one the teacher started Student-Paced. 

5. Teachers can choose the slides that students can move at their pace through. By default, the last slide of the presentation is selected. Use the drop-down menu to select a different ending slide number. Click “Turn on” to toggle Student-Paced on for students.




6. A pop-up message will appear letting you know that moving through the slides on the Teacher dashboard won’t affect what the student sees until Student-Paced is turned off. Click “Got it” to close the message.



7. You will now see a message in the bottom right corner that Student-Paced mode is on. You can turn it off at any time in the lesson by clicking “Turn Off.”

8. If you turn off Student-Paced, a message will appear on the teacher screen stating that the teacher is back in control of the lesson pace. Click “Got it” to resume the lesson in Live mode. All students will be brought to the slide the teacher is currently on.



9. If you want to view the slides that are currently being shared in student paced mode you can open the slide carosel in the bottom left corner. Any slide will be marked with the student paced orange icon. To update the ending slide number that students can access while Student-paced mode is on, open the student paced mode icon again select a different slide number from the drop-down menu and then select “Update.” Upon confirmation, any student ahead of the new range will be automatically brought to the start of the range. Any previous work will remain. 



Live to Student-Paced student experience

1. From the student screen, once the teacher turns on Student-Paced mode, they will see a message that they can now work at their own pace.


2. Blue arrows will appear on the side of their Nearpod lesson. This will allow them to move forward and backward in the lesson to any slides that the teacher has set as Student-Paced.


3. When they get to the last slide that the teacher has selected for Student-Paced mode, they will only see the left arrow. They can move back in the lesson to review the slides the teacher made available for Student-Paced, but they cannot move further to new slides until the teacher is ready. 


4. When the teacher turns Student-Paced off, all students in the lesson will move to the slide that the teacher is currently on.



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