Student: How to create an Interactive Video

Video instruction is a great way to teach students new information, and we know it's important to check to make sure students understand as they watch. With Nearpod, students can make any video interactive by embedding questions directly into the video. 

This article will show how students can create Interactive Videos either on their own or within a lesson.


1. From the student's Nearpod account, they will click create and then click "lesson". 


2. They will click "Add Content & Activities" and then choose Video under the Content options.


3. From here students can search videos on YouTube, or Upload a Video from their personal files, Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. 

4. Once the student selects their video, they can choose to trim their video by clicking the "trim" option on the right-hand side. They can start the video later and/or end it early.

5. After trimming (or choosing not to trim), students can select the spot during the video where they would like to add a question, and then click "Add Activity". 


6. Students can choose to add either an Open Ended Question or a Multiple Choice Question.


7. Once they selected the question time, they will write their question. For multiple-choice questions, they'll need to also add answer choices, and select the correct answer. Click save once done.

8. Students can continue to add as many questions to their video as they'd like. When they are done adding questions, they simply click save.

9. This will save the video in the lesson. They can choose to add additional slides or save the lesson to just have the interactive video as their full lesson.



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