Student: How to create a Nearpod lesson

In this article, you'll learn how students can create a slides-based Lesson in Nearpod, using either existing resources or by starting from scratch.

If you're looking to create or find a lesson in a different way, these articles might be helpful:


1. From the students' account, they will click create and then "lesson".


2. If the student is starting with an existing PowerPoint, Google Slides, PDF, or other resources, they can upload them by drag and dropping the file, or by clicking "Upload Files" in the center of the screen. For more details on uploading existing articles, read this article.


3. When students want to add activities and media to their lesson, they click "Add Content & Activities".


4. Next, they can choose from a variety of content and question options. For a complete list of Nearpod's formative assessments and media types, along with a how-to for each feature, view this article.


5. At any time, they can select a slide, then click the "Preview" button to view that slide the way it will appear to their classmates during their presentation.


6. Once they are finished adding activities and media to your lesson, they can click on the pencil in the top left to name their lesson. Press submit to save your lesson details.

mceclip2.png  mceclip1.png

7. After editing the lesson details and completing the lesson, students will click "Save & Exit" to save their lesson and return to their account homepage. 





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