Student: Nearpod's content and activity features

When creating a lesson in Nearpod, there are various formative assessments and media features that students can add to engage their classmates.

  • Nearpod Content features allow you to push rich media content out to students through your lesson.
  • Nearpod Activities allow you to collect responses from your students that will be reflected in your lesson's post-session report.

Nearpod's content and activity features

Click on each icon to learn more about the feature.

Content features

13.PNG 5.PNG Screen_Shot_2020-09-23_at_7.45.54_PM.png 8.PNG
14.PNG 9.PNG 10.PNG 11.PNG


Activity features

a1.PNG a2.PNG a3.PNG a4.PNG
a5.PNG a6.PNG a7.PNG a8.PNG
a9.PNG a10.PNG Screen_Shot_2021-08-01_at_2.58.30_PM.png  



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