Student: Accessing Nearpod reports

After students launch a lesson and their classmates participate in the lesson, they have access to the post-session report within their Nearpod accounts. The reports contain students' responses from a Live or Student-paced session, can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF or CSV for the whole class or by individual students. In this article, you will see how students will be able to access these reports from their accounts.

1. Once logged into their accounts, they will see the report tab on the left-hand navigation bar. They can click on this to see their reports.


2. Once in reports, students select the lesson they would like to access.


3. To view the data, click on the name of the session. By default, it is the date and time the lesson was launched. This can be changed at any time by clicking the pencil next to the name of the session.


4. From here students can see all of the data from their session and download reports if they'd like.


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