Find content in Nearpod Collections

Nearpod Collections are sets of lessons for Social & Emotional Learning, Digital Citizenship & Literacy, English Learners, College & Career Exploration, Historical Perspectives & Literacy, professional development with Learning Labs, and access to Flocabulary videos through the Flocabulary Video Pack. These lesson collections are available for schools and districts as an add-on purchase in  Premium or Premium Plus licenses. Below are links to access Collections in Nearpod if your school or district has purchased them. 

In this article, you will learn how to browse the collections you have access to and be able to add them to your lessons to use with your students.

Find content by searching the Nearpod Collection

1. From Nearpod's homepage (my lessons) look on the left-hand side navigation under "Nearpod Content". This will show you what content you have access to beyond Nearpod's library (if you are only seeing "Nearpod Library" in this section, that means you don't have exclusive access to Nearpod Collections).


2. Click on the Collection you want to explore.

3. You will see the lessons we have in groups. They are organized by topic and grade level.

4. When you want to see all the lessons in a particular group, hover over the group and click "preview".

Note: If you click "Add to My Lessons", it will add all the lessons in that group to your "My Lessons" as a group.


5. From here you'll see all of the lessons in the group. If you want to add the whole group to your library, click "Add to My Lessons".


6. Underneath the folder preview, you'll see 5 lessons at first. In order to see more lessons, scroll down and click the button that says "see full bundle content". From here you can click on lessons to view them or add them to your lessons right away. 


7. To go back to view all groupings, simply click the back arrow on your browser. 

Find content by searching in Nearpod's library

1. From Nearpod's homepage (my lessons) click on "Nearpod Library" on the left-hand side navigation.


2. You can click on "Collections" to browse all of the Collections. If you don't have access to a Nearpod Collection, you will still be able to access unlocked sample lessons.


3. Use the search bar and filters to search for lessons by keyword.

Note: You can filter by search type (lesson, videos or activities) and/or by grades. It is not suggested to search by standard or subject.


4. Click on a lesson when you want click on it to Preview and/or Add to My Lessons.


5. Click "Add to My Lessons" when you're ready to add it to your lessons.

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