How to find lessons in your School or District Library

School and district libraries are common repositories of lessons that can be curated to make lessons easily available to all users within a school or district. This feature is available for schools and districts with a Premium or Premium Plus license. If you have Nearpod access through your school, you'll have a school library. If you have Nearpod access through your district, you'll have access to a school and district library.

With school and district libraries you can:

  • Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration with centralized sharing of Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities
  • Share lessons across grade levels, subjects, PLCs, faculty meetings, whole-child initiatives, and more

In this article, you will learn how to find content in your school or district library and be able to add them to your lessons.

1. From your Nearpod homepage, click on either school or district library.


2. From here, you will see all the folders and lessons that your school or district has curated (if applicable).

3. From here you can view the content like you would in your lessons. You can browse folders, or preview lessons by hovering over and clicking "preview". 

4. You can hover over a lesson and click "Add to My Lessons", or you can preview the lesson first and then click "Add to My Lessons". 


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