How to enable Teacher Moderation for Student Accounts

Nearpod's Student Accounts are available for users within Premium Plus school and district licenses. Student Accounts gives students the ability to engage with Nearpods without losing progress. When Student Accounts are enabled, students can also create their own Nearpods.

Enabling the Teacher Moderation feature allows teachers in a school or district to access additional controls for student-created Nearpods. Schools that are part of a district will have the power to override this feature if they choose. Teacher Moderation is an opt-in feature available at the school or district level when Student Accounts are enabled. This feature requires teachers to join student-created Nearpods when launched before other students are allowed to access the Nearpod lesson, video, or activity. Once a teacher joins, they are added as a Co-Teacher to access additional controls. 

With Nearpod's Teacher Moderation feature enabled for Student Accounts teachers can:

  • Prevent students from launching and facilitating inappropriate Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities without a teacher joining first
  • Review and check a student-created Nearpod prior to additional students accessing the information in the lesson, video, or activity
  • Participate in student-created Nearpods as a co-teachers to ensure a streamlined and appropriate experience in the classroom

To see how to turn on this feature for your school/district please see the steps below.

1. Click on "Manage Nearpod" from your Nearpod homepage from the left navigation bar.


2. Click on "Manage District" if you're a district administrator or "Manage School" if you're a school administrator on the left sidebar.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_12.04.46_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_12.05.01_PM.png

3. Underneath district or school settings click "edit".

4. This will bring up a variety of settings that you can turn on or off.

5. Click the toggle next to "Require teachers to join student-launched lessons".


6. Now students in your chosen domain(s) will be required to have a teacher from your school or district account join a student-created Nearpod before other students can join. Learn more about how this feature works here


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