Live lesson Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is the view teachers see when a Nearpod is launched. The dashboard is where you see student results as you teach, and where you control the pace of your lessons. 

With the Teacher D
ashboard, teachers can:

  • Use Nearpod in more ways than ever before for live presentations
  • Quickly toggle between the students’ view and their responses to questions
  • Model what you’d like students to do and toggle instantly to check student understanding
  • Use Nearpod without student devices by presenting in student view and complete interactive lessons as a class

In this article, you will learn about all the features of the Live Lesson teacher dashboard and how it works!

Below shows the various buttons of the Nearpod dashboard and what they do!

When a lesson is launched you will automatically be in student view and will need to toggle to teacher view to see student responses.


1. This button allows you to leave the lesson. You can choose to resume the lesson later, if you don't, you won't be able to go back into that lesson with the same code. However, you can always launch a new code.

2. The menu button gives you additional options such as:

  • Email Report: Nearpod will send you an email with your report from the session. You can still always access this from your reports tab in your Nearpod account if you don't email them to yourself.
  • Presentation View: This lets you show the student view of the entire lesson on a different screen.
  • + Add Activity: This lets you add an activity on the fly based on data you received or if you wanted to add something additional.
  • End Session: This will end the session and the code. You will not be able to resume the same code again but can always launch a new code. This will also kick all students off of the lesson at this time.


3. This shows you the lesson code, if you click on it you can see all of your options for the code such as, copy the link, accessing a co-teacher link, or sending to Google Classroom, Remind, or Microsoft Teams.

4. This tab allows you to view the student view of the selected activity.

5. This tab allows you to view the results of the selected activity (when there are results available). When viewing a slide or activity where there are no student results or responses like VR field trips, slides, or PhET simulations, the toggle will disappear in your menu (seen below).



6. Launch a Whiteboard at any time during the lesson. 

7. This button opens Live Annotation which allows you to highlight, draw, type etc... on any content slide (not applicable on activities or features like Nearpod 3D or Virtual Reality Field Trips).


8. This icon will show all the students who have joined your lesson. The green dot indicates they are actively in the lesson and the red dot indicates that they have left the lesson. You can also click on the X at any time to remove a student from the lesson.

9. Click on this icon to see all the slides in the presentation and jump ahead or back anytime. Students will automatically be synced to the slide you jump to. You can either drag and drop the slide you want or click "share" once you've clicked on the slide.

10. Click on this icon to hide/ show names at any time during the lesson. This functionality will show when you're in the "responses" toggle mode. 


1. Can I go back to the old Teacher Dashboard?

Nearpod is always enhancing our product for the best classroom experience for you and your students! Based on teacher feedback, we launched the new Teacher Dashboard to all users with improvements to toggle back and forth between what your students see and their responses to you. You’ll find all the same tools you know and love are there but streamlined to make your classroom experience even easier.

2. My students can't see what I'm doing when I model on student view. What am I missing?

The ability to model on Student view can be useful when presenting your screen or demonstrating a concept in front of the class. Anything you do on Student view will not display to individual students’ devices. You can still push data or an example response to students from the Responses view.



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