Annual Maintenance for Nearpod School / District Accounts

Each year there are predictable maintenance items to make the most of your rostered school / district Nearpod account. In this article we will summarize what account administrators need to do for a successful end of year and successful back to school season. 

In this article you will find information on the following tasks. 

Pausing Data

If your Nearpod account is rostered using Clever or ClassLink, you may choose to pause your data during the summer months, however this is not a requirement for Nearpod.  If you choose to pause your sync, your rosters will not sync (update) from your SIS to Clever, and therefore to Nearpod, for the duration of the pause.  You can learn more about how to pause your sync at the support sites for  Clever or ClassLink.


Adding New Schools

As districts grow, reconfigure and adapt to the changing educational landscape, you may find that your current list of buildings/sites is no longer accurate. In the event you need to add new a building/site, remove closed sites, or rename a current site you will need to make adjustments to your rostering methods. 

If your school or district Nearpod account is rostered using Clever or ClassLink, please complete the tasks listed below:

  1. Update your sharing rules to your current sites from within Clever or ClassLink
  2. Send a request to or reach out to your Customer Success Manager notifying us of the necessary adjustments.  
  3. Once the necessary updates have been made on the Nearpod side, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Changing Rostering Preferences

If you are currently rostering your school or district Nearpod account using a .csv there is now the option to move to automated/SSO rostering using Clever or ClassLink. The article Single Sign on and Rostering with Nearpod will provide you with the necessary information to get started. Contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions and to ensure a smooth transition.


Updating Rosters

It is important to update your rosters as the new school year begins to ensure any new or reassigned staff has the access to Nearpod they require.

If your accounts are rostered using Clever or ClassLink and actively syncing (not paused), Nearpod accounts will update, typically once a day, for new/transferred staff as it is shared within your SIS and synced to Clever/ClassLink.

If your teacher accounts are rostered using a .CSV file, you will need to update accounts via one of two methods: 

  1. Use the Bulk Upload tool on your admin dashboard -OR-
  2. Contact your Nearpod Customer Success Manager to assist with the upload.

Changing Email Domains

Moving to a new email domain? This may affect the status of your current accounts and create some added stress for teachers. To avoid any unintended disruption in using your school or district Nearpod accounts, contact your Customer Success Manager or email  By alerting Nearpod to any upcoming changes, your CSM or a Support Specialist can guide you through this process. 


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