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Nearpod Math is a K-8 supplemental curricular program that provides content and tools to engage your students with math instruction and maximize outcomes for all learners. Along with each standards-aligned lesson, you’ll find related resources that can be used for instruction, practice, reteach, or extend the learning in your classroom. Nearpod’s ability to facilitate real-time learning insights and meaningful formative assessments to intervene in the moment make Nearpod Math a one-stop resource for your needs. Let’s explore how you can find what you need.

Note: This program is available to Schools and Districts with Premium Plus licenses who have also purchased Nearpod Math.

In this article, you will find:


Find a full Nearpod Math lesson

Nearpod Math program is located in a separate section of the Nearpod platform. In the gray navigation panel to the left of your Nearpod home page you will see a section titled, Nearpod Programs. Math is listed there. Click on Math to access the program and its resources.


There are three options for locating specific Math resources.

  1. Use the drop down box and search by grade.
  2. Use the search box and search by key word.
  3. Click on one of the multicolor boxes across the bottom of the screen.




The recommended way to begin you search is with the drop down box and choosing the grade level needed.  The images below demonstrate how resources will show when searching by grade. 

After selecting your grade, choose the unit or domain that is related to the learning you are planning. 


Within each unit or domain are the individual topics to choose from. Select a topic. choose_a_lesson.jpg


The primary resource you will find in each topic, is a full Nearpod Math lesson to teach that topic. Below that lesson will be multiple resources to support additional practice and instruction options. 


Launch or edit a Nearpod Math lesson

As with all lessons in Nearpod, a Nearpod Math lesson can be;

1. Previewed for content and skills.

2. Launched to students immediately as either a Live or Student Paced lesson by clicking Teach and choosing the preferred mode. Launched lessons will be added to My Lessons for future use. 

3. Edited to create a more personalized learning experience for your student or students by clicking Add to my Lessons.



Find additional math resource

For each topic and lesson there are multiple aligned resources. Use these resources to supplement a Nearpod Math lesson or add to your current curriculum for instruction, practice, reteach, and/or extension. Additional resources include short instructional lessons, various pre built activities, and interactive videos. 



Aligned resources from Nearpod and Flocabulary

For those school and district accounts that have chosen to include Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), English Learner (EL) and/or Flocabulary as part of their account, additional resources are curated and aligned to supplement and support the learning for that topic. These resources are available to launch or add to your lesson library to customize as needed. 



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