LTI 1.1 Brightspace by D2L

The following information is a administrator guide to connecting Brightspace by D2L to Nearpod using LTI 1.1. In this article you will find steps to complete the following tasks. 


Generate Key and Secret

  1. Open and sign into your District or School admin account. 
  2. In the left navigation, select Manage Nearpod.  Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.34.35_AM.png
  3. In the left navigation, select LMS Integration Setup
  4. Under LTI 1.1 setup, click on Generate Key and Secret link
  5. Leave this window open to copy and paste the two items into your LMS in the directions below.

Adding Nearpod to D2L as an Admin

  1. Sign into D2L as LMS Admin
  2. Select ‘Gear’ in the top right corner
  3. Select ‘External Learning Tools’


4. Select ‘Manage Tool Providers’ tab first
5. Click on ‘New Tool Provider’ button


6. Complete this form and click ‘Save and Close’


  • Tool Consumer Information: Box should be checked
  • Key: (from directions above)
  • Name: Nearpod
  • Description: (as desired)
  • Contact Email: (not needed)
  • Visibility: Box should be checked
  • Security Settings: All boxes should be checked
  • Make tool provider available to: (as desired)


7. Select ‘Manage External Learning Tool Links’ tab

8. Click on ‘New Link’ button


9. Complete this form and click ‘Save and Close’

  • Title: Nearpod
  • URL:
  • Description: (as desired)
  • Visibility: Box should be checked
  • Key/Secret Signature: Box should be checked for ‘Sign messages with key/secret with’ and radio button should be selected for ‘Tool consumer key/secret'brightspace_key_secret.jpg
  • Custom Parameters: (none)
  • Security Settings: select‘Use tool provider security settings’
  • Make link available to: (as desired)


Adding Nearpod to D2L Course as an Instructor

1. *Ensure steps for the admin have been completed. 

2. Sign into D2L as an instructor

3. Select the course where Nearpod should be added

4. Select module area of your course and click on dropdown ‘Existing Activities’

5. Click on ‘External Learning Tools’ from the dropdown menu


6.  Click on Nearpod in the list (or whatever your LMS admin named the tool)
7.  Now a link to Nearpod has been added to your course



Accessing Nearpod as a Student

1.  Sign into D2L as student
2.  Select course
3.  Launch Nearpod from a course modules area


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