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Can I use nearpod on a kindle fire?

I am using a Mac and my students are using Kindle Fires.

Melody Grady

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Although we do not have an application in the Amazon App store, just like any other device with internet Kindles can access Nearpod through our WebApp at

Additionally, there is a way of installing Google App files (.APK) as a Kindle Application in order to do this follow these steps:

1.From the Fire, go to”Apps” > “Settings” > “Applications” > “Apps From Unknown Sources” (HD6) or “Settings” > “More” > “Device” > “Allow Installation of Applications” and ensure it’s set to “On“.

2.Open the Kindle Fire web browser and download the APK file. You can also transfer APK files from your computer by connecting the Kindle Fire to the computer with a USB cable.

3.Open the notification area (top bar). It should show that the .APK file is downloading. Tap it once the download has finished.

4.Select “Install“. Repeat Step 1, turn it "Off"

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