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What's the best way to share so that a group can collaborate.

Ricardo O. Elizalde

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Nearpod does not support direct live collaboration on presentations, but you can certainly work the same presentation with your colleagues by sharing it.

To share or transfer presentations please follow these simple steps:

Log onto Nearpod, select "My Library"
- Hover over the presentation
- Click on the three dots, select share
- Type in the email address for the user you want to share it with.

Once in the sharing screen, you can easily share the student view of the presentation (via email, direct link, social media, and embedded code), or click the radio button to “share an editable copy” that will add the presentation to your colleagues’ Nearpod library.

Once this email is sent, that user will receive an email with a link to accept the presentation and once that is done it will be within their account.

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