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My ten (practical) ideas

  1. List view back please!
  2. Font/colour options
  3. Students have option to download answers after a quiz
  4. Bug fixes for the draw it slide
  5. Bug fixes for general text input (often you can't click where you want to type)
  6. Bug fixes for displaying images in reports
  7. Default slide set option please
  8. Open ended questions should be an option within quizzes
  9. Offline editing on iOS please
  10. Option to save/share NPPs as offline files
James Charlton

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James, thank you for the feedback! I have submitted all of these suggestions to our team.

Please let me know if you have any more great ideas!

Sebi 1 vote
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I have some more!

  1. Folders! I need to organise my NPPs by school and by class. I end up saving them as PDFs and deleting the NPP because the library becomes too unwieldy to use....

  2. List view for the library. This used to be a feature but was removed! Please put it back, it's impossible to read NPPs with long names.

James Charlton 0 votes
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Thanks for your valuable feedback! I will get it to the correct person.

Sebi 0 votes
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