How to use Nearpod's Co-Teaching feature

Co-Teaching allows a teacher and their co-teacher or co-facilitator to both control the pace of a lesson and get real-time insights into student responses. Co-Teaching works in Live Participation mode. 

With Co-Teaching Nearpod teachers can:

  • Strengthen instructional consistency by ensuring teachers are can use similar content across subjects, grade levels, PLCs, and more
  • Collaborate on instruction and allow multiple teachers to teach a lesson, present information to students, and see data and insights on student understanding in real-time

Note: This feature is available to teachers with a school or district Premium Plus license only. To learn more about our license types, click here

In this article, you'll learn: 

How to add a Co-Teacher to your lesson

1. Launch your Nearpod lesson in Live Participation mode as you typically would.


2. When the code appears, you will have the option to add a Co-Teaching link. Turn this option on, then copy the link.

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

3. Share the link with your co-teacher. They will be prompted to join the lesson.


4. Once your co-teacher enters their name and clicks "Join Lesson," they will be added to the lesson as a co-teacher.

How to promote a lesson participant to Co-Teacher

1. After your co-teacher has joined the lesson as a student (here's how), go to your Participants List by clicking on the person icon in the bottom left corner, and hover over your co-teacher's name, then click the "More" dropdown menu, then select "Make Co-Teacher."


2. Click "Yes" to confirm that you would like to promote this participant to Co-Teacher. Your Co-Teacher will then receive a notification on their device that they have been made a Co-Teacher.



What a Co-Teacher can and can't do




Controlling the lesson:

Navigate the presentation

Start a timed activity

Share student responses

Approve Collaborate posts

End the lesson


Create On the Fly activities


Control video play mode

Whiteboard and Live Annotation


Switch to student view

Viewing student responses:

See student responses in real-time

Direct access to post-session reports


Manage participants & share lesson

Make participant a co-teacher


Remove students from the lesson


Hide student names


On-screen join code sharing


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